Active Mask Gift Box

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Active Mask Gift Box

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A passepartout to safely dwell the streets and subways of your city. This face mask loops gently around your ears and entraps the pollen, dust and bacteria on your way. It just takes a washing in cold water to remove all particles and reuse it.

With a sartorial tape or a strip of paper, measure the distance between the entrance of the ear (just where you put your headset) and the high junction of the nose, keeping the tape firmly attached to the face.

It comes in a Xmas Box Limited Edition in a set of three Active Mask. Choose 3 colors and sizes and add to cart.

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Pocketable and easy to wear

No need to carry it permanently: you can quickly open and easily wear Active Mask just when you feel the need to stay protected. After each use, fold it in its outer pocket and store it.

Spring pollen, winter flu, sport

Pretty versatile. Protects allergic people and avoid to breath bacteria and virus in enclosed spaces like public transportations. Being very transpirant it’s great also for city running and sport sessions.

Unique Design

Banale Pollution Mask


Polyurethane entraps pollen and big dusts while protecting from bacteria, UV and cold.

Banale Pollution Mask


Improved design on the earloops and in the internal seams, let you wear it all day without the hassle.

Banale Pollution Mask


To be soft on your skin we used a really delicate fabric. Even if you can use washing machine, we suggest to wash it in cold water: it’s sufficient to remove all particles and it’s great to maintain it in a perfect shape for a long time.

Banale Pollution Mask


After each use, wrap it into the outer dustproof pocket and safely store it in your bag.

Banale Yoga Mat

Avoid disposable if you can

Like plastic bottles, even masks represent today a serious ecological problem. Almost 5 billions of disposable mask get used and wasted every year only in China. If manufactured with good materials, even breathing protection can be washed and reused.


Banale Travel Pillow


Kids (12cm - 14cm)
Adult M (15cm - 17,5cm)
Adult L (oltre i 17.5cm)

Banale Travel Pillow


Polyester: 40%; Lycra 30% (Polyamide 90% - Elastane 10%): Fibrasoft 30%( 60% Polyamide + 25% Polyester + 15% Elastane). Machine washable in cold water or can be hand washed.

Banale Travel Pillow


ACTIVE MASK filters 90% of the particles with size 20 Micron and 70% of the particles with size 5-10 Micron.

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