Backpack PRO

Backpack PRO


Backpack PRO is an innovative backpack designed for urban workers. It contains a gym bag plus a detachable tote bag. All the urban feature in one product. Its brand new design allows you to use it in slim mode, for your office essentials, or cargo mode, with its built-in gym bag.

Foldable gym bag INCLUDED

The 1st transformable daily carry

Switch to cargo mode by wrapping extra carry with the front cover. Or transform the cover itself in a tote bag using the backpack in the naked mode.

SLIM for office, CARGO to commute, TOTE for shopping

Adaptable to all daily journey needs: stays slim and minimal in office, turns cargo while commuting to free your hand from extra carry, splits in two for shopping sessions.

All Features

Banale Backpack

Wrapping front cover

Open like a door the front cover and wrap your extra carry into.

Banale Backpack

Hidden supportive cover

We added an extra support to secure your extra carry even more safely. Unfold the supportive cover, embrace the and hook it to the upper side.

Banale Backpack

Premium Materials

Premium coated fabric, water resistant, YKK zip.

Banale Backpack

Back sleeve for suitcase

Secure your backpack to the handle of your luggage while running to the gate.

Banale Backpack

Side handle

Extra handle on the left side to make your way through the crowd.

Banale Backpack

Foldable gym bag (INCLUDED)

Compactable and perfectly sized to carry all basic gym belongings (shoes, towel, clothes ecc).

Banale Backpack

Detachable tote bag

Unzip the front cover and transform it into a tote bag just snapping the buckles. Use the backpack in the naked mode.

Banale Backpack

A ton of pockets

Fast access front pocket, 12 inside pockets.

Banale Backpack

Laptop Sleeve

Back padded sleeve to keep laptop and tablet safe.

Banale Backpack

Bottle sleeve

The elastic design make it completely adhere to the side of the backpack when you don’t carry your bottle.

Banale Backpack

Secret back pocket

Fast access hidden pocket to store documents, money or phone.

Banale Backpack

Sternum strap

Easely adjust it to get more comfort.

Banale Backpack

Glasses Loop

Put you glasses in the loop and keep your hands free.

Banale Backpack

Reflective Cover

Reflective textures enlight your ride in the dark.

Banale Yoga Mat

Shop plastic free

A big detachable tote bag at your disposal to fill with food or stuff during daily shopping. Make the most of it and decline plastic and paper bags.


Banale Travel Pillow


  • Premium coated fabric
  • YKK Zipper
Banale Travel Pillow


Weight: empty 3lbs (1,4kg)

  • Main compartment volume 23 liters
  • Suggested wrapped volume 20 liters
  • Tote bag: 8 liters
Banale Travel Pillow


Thanks to the premium frabric it's water resistant.

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