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Protect Against PM2.5, PM10, Pollen and Bacteria

The innovative design of Banale MASK guarantees comfort and full protection against PM 2.5, PM 10, pollen and bacteria.

MASK pack contains 1 mask and 1 anti-smog filter.

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Versatile and vestibility

It’s not only about air filtration. Our mask has been designed to be worn in the way you prefer and not to slide during the ride. Helmet and sunglasses friendly.

Breath as on a country ride

We wanted to eliminate that sense of disgust that we all feel riding through the city during many days. Mask seals your face mantaining at the same time a good transpirancy.


Banale Pollution Mask

Total Protection

The external washable cover entraps the big dusts like pollen while the built-in filter blocks the small particles like PM 2.5 and PM 10.

Banale Pollution Mask

Long lasting filter

Originally made for professional purpose this 4 layers filter has been adapted to Mask. We suggest to change it every 2 months due to hygienic reasons.


Like plastic bottles, even masks represent today a serious ecological problem. Almost 5 billions of disposable mask get used and wasted every year only in China. The Mask can last years if properly maintained: beside changing the filter we suggest to wash regularly even the external cover.


Banale Mask


One size fits all

  • 10,5cm x 17cm x 7 cm (A x L x P)
  • Weight: 45gr
Banale Mask


Felt and polyester shell; polypropylene filter and activated carbon.

Banale Mask


Change the internal filter at least every 2 months of daily use. We also suggest to wash regularly the external cover.

BANALE Mask is not a PPE.

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Shipping and Returns

We ship worldwide

Customers receive a full refund if they meet these conditions.