About US

Why "Banale"?

BANALE is an italian word that means common, ordinary, not original. We choose this word as brand name in 2015 because it represented the opposite of the products that we wanted to design. Unique and useful accessories that help you make it through the daily commuting and the long travelling more easily and more safely.

We are goers

We launched a dozen of 100% original accessories, aimed to empower urban
life daily experiences and the frequent travel routine.


Ideas for new products come also from you, goers from all over the world that everyday reach us with an email or a comment, proposing concepts or begging for solutions.

For any request shout support@banale.com


Our contribution to reduce the impact of consumism on the only planet we have is to make products that last (like grandma sweateher).
So you don’t have to buy them again.

Why they last? Because are made with premium materials and are mantainable (you can wash or replace spare parts).


Find us in Milan, Italy. After a couple of years in a garage (yes, like real startups) we moved in a laboratory located in a former industrial area of the city (yes, like real startups). Visitors are warmly welcome!

For any request: support@banale.com