3 Active Mask Pack

3 Active Mask Pack

Washable antibacterial mask – maximum comfort guaranteed all day long.

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Active Mask is specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and effective protection. Equipped with special polyurethane foam filtering technology to ensure superior breathability and soft fabric for unparalleled comfort, you can wear this mask for numerous hours a day without any discomfort. Wash by hand or in the washing machine. Also ideal for practicing outdoor sports or at the gym.

Active Mask offers protection from pollen, bacteria and pollution, thanks to the highly effective polyurethane foam filtration which can even capture fine particulate matter.

Active Mask is independent lab tested and proven to filter 90% of 20-micron particles and 70% of particles measuring 5-10 microns.

Active Mask is a non-medical face mask and is not to be considered a medical device or PPE.

  • Polyester: 40%
  • Revolutional Mild Lycra: 30% (90% Polyamide – 10% Elastane)
  • Fibrasoft: 30% (60% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 15% Elastane)

Hand or machine washable (max. 40°) – no spin cycle or dryer


Banale Design

Comfort maker

Made in Italy

Original design for comfort and protection

Reusable - Avoid Disposables

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