Omni Pillow

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Omni Pillow

3 in 1 travel pillow made of memory foam.

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Omni Pillow is a travel pillow made to be portable and versatile.
You can use it in 3 different modes: simply transform it into a neck pillow to use during travel; a topper, extra padding for better rest; double cushion, for an on the go power nap.
The pillow is padded with high quality memory foam and covered with a soft Lycra pillowcase, which can be removed and washed after each trip to keep your pillow hygienic and clean.
When folded, Omni Pillow is super lightweight (just 350 grams) and ultra-compact, so it’s perfect for keeping with you, wherever you go.
Available in different colors.

  • Memory foam: hypoallergenic
  • Made with sustainably sourced essential oils
  • Lycra Pilling Resistant (ISO 12945-2)
  • CFC/HCFC free
  • OEKO-TEX standard class 1 fullfilled
  • Compression-set test UNI6351/2 ISO1856
  • Durability Test UNI6356
  • VPS technology (variable pressure foaming tech)
  • 3 in 1: neck pillow, topper and double pillow
  • Washable
  • Ultra-lightweight (just 350 grams)
  • Waterproof cover

Compact design with unparalleled comfort and versatility

Neck pillow, double pillow or topper: Omni Pillow adapts to all your relaxation needs while traveling. 

3 configuration in 1

Thanks to its compact size when folded, you can always take Omni Pillow with you when traveling, just hook it onto your backpack or trolley. Switching between Omni Pillow’s 3 configurations is quick and easy: transform it from a neck pillow into a double pillow or topper, according to your travel needs.

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3 in 1

Neck pillow, topper or double pillow. Choose the configurations that are best suited to your travel needs.

Always keep it with you

In your suitcase, clipped onto your backpack or inside your bag – it’s easy to fold Omni Pillow into the external pocket to transform it into a lightweight ball.

Lightweight softness

The memory foam and Lycra it is made of make Omni pillow soft and light.


The coated external fabric guarantees total protection against water

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Made in Italy

Original design for comfort and protection

Reusable - Avoid Disposables

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