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Superior performance protective mask with long-lasting replaceable filter for anti-pollution, anti-bacterial protection with a biker-friendly fit.

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Regular Price: $24.90

Special Price $12.90



Since 2015, Mask has been the ideal travel companion for people who love spinning around town on two wheels while protecting themselves from fine particulate matter, but also from viruses and bacteria. The external shell fits every face shape perfectly and the replaceable inner filter is long-lasting. Mask can effectively filter fine particle matter, pollen and bacteria to make city journeys considerably safer.

Mask protects against fine particulate matter, pollen and bacteria thanks to the long-lasting replaceable filter (100 hours), which offers guaranteed comfort and total protection against PM2.5, PM10, pollen and bacteria.

Mask is non-medical and is not to be considered a medical device or PPE.

  • Shell made of felt and polyester (3D mesh fabric)
  • Adjustable Lycra laces
  • Polypropylene filter with valve
  • One size fits all
  • Weight: 45 g.

Fabric can be washed by hand or washing machine (max. 30°) – no dryer.

Biker friendly comfort and protection

Innovative filtering technology for everyone who tours the city streets on two wheels, Mask is the ideal solution for maximum protection against air impurities in highly-polluted urban areas.

Designed to fit any face-shape

Mask has a patented system of adjustable laces that adapts to the face. It is easy to wear in multiple ways, depending on your needs. Choose the Ear-Mode for a firm grip, or Head-Mode for greater comfort when wearing a helmet.

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One size fits all

Specially equipped with an adjustable fit system to adapt to any face shape, simply by tightening the laces.

Biker friendly

We designed Mask to meet the needs of people who get around on two wheels. The adjustable lacing system allows for a firm fit around the face and it’s also super helmet-friendly. Plus, it’s easy to pull off when necessary.

Wear in 2 ways

Get the ideal fit for your face by choosing between Ear Mode, for a firm grip, and Head Mode, for greater comfort when wearing a helmet, to ensure a proper seal for your Mask and a more comfortable experience.

Filtering technology

The filter is replaceable and long-lasting (apx. 100 hours). The independent lab-tested filter is composed of four filtering layers, which each provide a different degree of filtration, along with a valve to make the breathing experience more comfortable. 

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Made in Italy

Original design for comfort and protection

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