Silver Mask 2

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Silver Mask 2

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Last-generation protective mask boosted with ViralOff treatment, Antibacterial Silver (Ag), Smartphone-connected technology and an anti-fog design.
Silver Mask 2 features newly introduced systems to protect against air impurities, such as the ViralOff® anti-viral treatment which neutralizes viruses, and it is wash-resistant. It also offers new solutions for improving your comfort, such as the inner filter with an anti-fog design, to provide maximum visibility when you are on the go. Silver Mask 2 is also smartphone connected: using NFC technology, you can pair it to your telephone and connect through our Web App to monitor your filter’s hours of usage.

Silver Mask 2 offers guaranteed protection against viruses, bacteria, fine particle matter and pollen. The filtering system operates on four distinct levels:

  • Silver Layer: coated internally with a layer of Antibacterial Silver (Ag) which filters and neutralizes incoming viruses and bacteria.
  • ViralOff ® treatment: an external coating applied to the shell which eliminates 99% of viruses upon contact.
  • Water-repellent treatment: the interior of the shell is coated to block incoming droplets.
  • Replaceable filter guarantees comfort and total protection from PM2.5, PM10, pollen and bacteria, through the four-layer filter.

Silver Mask 2 is non-medical and is not to be considered a medical device or PPE.

  • Shell made of felt and polyester (3D mesh fabric)
  • Adjustable Lycra laces
  • Polypropylene filter with valve
  • One size only
  • Weight: 45 g.

Fabric can be washed by hand or washing machine (max. 30°) – no dryer.

Protection Smartphone connected

Connect Silver Mask 2 to your device with the integrated NFC technology through the BANALE Web App and constantly monitor the filter lifespan.


How to use Silver Mask 2

Silver Mask 2 is designed to fit to any face-shape, thanks to a system of adjustable laces that adapts to the face.
Silver Mask 2 is easy to wear in multiple ways, depending on your needs. Choose the Ear-Mode for a firm grip, or Head-Mode for greater comfort when wearing with a helmet.
To connect Silver Mask 2 to your mobile phone, make sure you have activated NFC. Then put your phone close to Silver Mask 2 and start browsing through our Web App, where you can monitor the lifespan of your filter. You will be notified when the time comes to replace it.

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NFC technology

Pair Silver Mask 2 to your smartphone, thanks to cutting-edge NFC technology. You can access our Web App to monitor how long you’ve been using your filter and see the percentage of remaining usage, so you can take full advantage of the filter capacity. Once the filter has expired, you can purchase a refill right from the App.

Silver Layer

Coated with Antibacterial Silver (Ag) to further improve protection by neutralizing viruses and bacteria before they reach the inner filter.

ViralOff® treatment

We boosted the protective capabilities of Silver Mask 2 with two specific treatments: ViralOff®treatment eliminates 99% of the viruses the mask encounters, and the water repellent treatment which blocks incoming droplets.

Replaceable filter

The replaceable filter has been redesigned to include two new improvements: inner padding in memory foam for a better seal and to reduce fog when wearing the mask with glasses – both prescription and sun lenses; we’ve also added a memory foam ring around the valve, for greater comfort when wearing Silver Mask 2.

Wearing modes

You can find the ideal fit for your face by choosing between two different wear modes - Ear-Mode for a firm grip and Head-Mode for greater comfort with the helmet - to ensure a proper seal for your Silver Mask and a more comfortable experience.

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