Roll Bag

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Roll Bag

A compact, clip-on, multi-purpose bag that can be unfolded for use in just two seconds.

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Roll Bag by Banale is a compact, foldable bag that you can clip on to anything, so you’ll always have it on hand when you need it.
When you need extra space during the day, just unfurl Roll Bag and it’ll be ready to load in just two seconds.
Roll Bag has a capacity of up to 20 liters, and can be used like a backpack or handbag, thanks to the adjustable straps and ergonomic handle.
Thanks to the rolltop closure and resistant fabric, Roll Bag can adapt to any kind of load: small, large or even angular.

  • Ripstop Nylon
  • Coated fabric
  • Fastening system with secure clip
  • Rolltop closure
  • Adjustable straps system
  • Can hold up to 20 liters (up to 16 kg)
  • Zipper fastening
  • Internal pocket with external access
  • Dimensions when closed: 15x15x5 cm / 5x5x2 inches
  • Dimensions when opened: 60x40x15 cm / 23x16x5 inches

Foldable, unbreakable, impossible to lose:

The perfect balance between useful functions: it’s foldable, impossible to lose, handy and virtually unbreakable.

Two seconds open to be ready to use!

When you need extra volume during your day, opening the Roll Bag is lightning fast. Pull the zip and unroll the bag, in two seconds it will be ready to be filled. And once you arrive at your destination, closing it is just as fast. Roll the bag back on itself, pull the zip up and clip it wherever you want!

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High-quality resistant materials

The primary fabric used to make Roll Bag is Ripstop Nylon – ultra-resistant and tearproof, it is often used for technical garments such as windbreakers and nautical clothing. Waterproof coated fabric is used for the extremities, to protect Roll Bag from water and dirt.

Adjustable straps system

Roll Bag is equipped with a unique system to allow you to adjust the straps and use as a backpack or shoulder bag or fasten down the straps with the snap buttons and use like a handbag.

Fold up

Folding Roll Bag is quick and easy to do. Just roll the bag up, close the zipper, and clip it onto your backpack.

Rolltop closure

The rolltop closure allows you to adjust the capacity of your Roll Bag, depending on the load. Thanks to this adaptable system, it can hold between 12 and 20 liters.


Roll Bag features a clipping mechanism which allows you to bring it with you everywhere, without taking up space in your primary bag or occupying your hands. In an instant, you can clip it right onto your backpack, bag, suitcase or around your waist.


You can use Roll Bag in three different ways: like a backpack, over the shoulder or as a handbag.

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